Spark VS Ixo - Match in 1/43 of the winning Porsche 911 GT3-R of the 2020 Spa 24 Hours

  A single Porsche 911 GT3-R for 2 replicas at 1/43 scale : prices and quality at different levels. Today, our subject is out first versus article between an Ixo replica and a Spark replica.  

Readers often ask the best advices on what manufacturer choose when a same car is reduced at the same scale. We propose for you today our first Versus between Spark and Ixo about the reduction at 1/43 scale of the Porsche 911 GT3-R winner 24h of Spa 2020. 

For this match, we will compare a Spark and an Ixo models. Collectors have many habits and many reasons for collecting, so we have established a complete series of criteria to compare the two models. Each collector can then make its own choices! 

As a wining model of the 2020 24h of Spa (GT3 category), the Porsche 911 GT3-R number 98 has obviously been reduced by Spark, the reference for all collectors, as they reproduce the -almost – full grid each year. The CK-Modelcars store has also wanted to get his share by offering collectors an alternative with an Ixo replica, made exclusively for the shop. Both minicars are still available for purschase. 

Spark VS Ixo : Models
  • Porsche 911 GT3-R (991.II) n 98
  • ROWE Racing
  • Winner 24 Heures de Spa Francorchamps 2020
  • Pilots: Laurens Vanthoor - Nick Tandy - Earl Bamber
  • Scale 1/43
  • Reference Spark : - 69€ 
  • Reference Ixo : - 35€

Spark VS Ixo : The realism

Having a true to scale and fine replica is a fundamental criteria when one buys a replica. Being a competition modelcar, Errors about decoration or paint jobs can obviously distinguish the models easily.  

After studying some pictures of the real Porsche, we can easily notice some approximations on Ixo side. The main problem is about the lack of realism on the underneath of the rear spoiler, which is only correct on the Spark version. The antennas are also correct on the Spark version, while the sole big antenna on the Ixo version seems to be a replica of a Porsche 911 GT3. Moreover, front grills are photo-etched parts on the Spark model while they are in rather bad quality plastic on the Ixo model. Finally, we note that rear tail lights and chassis diffuser are parts incrusted with difficulties on Ixo version.  

Shades of the cars are also very different, as the Spark version is sporting a nice metallic grey, which seems to be very much close to the 1/1 car. Details are also much finer, such as extractions arrows. We also note that the side windows are treated with much care on Spark version. But in the end, we observe that both replicas seem to be scaled perfectly; no way to oppose the two cars on that point. 

Winner Spark  











Spark VS Ixo : Materials

Even if both cars seem very close in term of lines, the materials used by the both brands are very different. On Spark side, resin is used while at Ixo’s, it’s a zamac (metal) mold. Both materials have their positive and negative aspects. 

Resin can bring very fine and precise engraving but remains a fragile material. It also involves a static minicar, as wheels are blocked. For some collectors, resin can be preferred. On my side, I prefer to have zamac minicars, as they are less fragile and I can move them without the fear of broke them. Ixo point for once.  

Winner Ixo 

Spark VS Ixo : The workmanship 

We are facing two propositions of reductions of Porsche at 1/43 scale. Even if proportions molds are correct on both sides, some points are clearly unacceptable! The stance is obviously a serious matter, and facing the Spark model, the Ixo version is almost a 4x4! 

Overall, Ixo is offering a good minicar but the subtlety of the Spark version is obvious, like the interior treatment and many other details. We can notice, as an example, the realism of the fuel nozzle, clearly treated differently by the two manufacturers.  

Winner: Spark 


Spark VS Ixo : The price

This might be the key of the match : price! As you have probably understood, even if both replicas are about the same car, prices of each one are clearly at the opposite. Ixo has a rather correct ratio of quality/price of €32 for a non-demanding collector. Spark model is more than twice the price (€70) but collector will have a very serious replica with an exceptional model.  

Winner IXO


The limited edition 

Unusual fact, both minicars are limited editions commissioned by resellers. About Spark, it’s Spark Belgium that ordered the car with a limited edition of 1,200 pieces individually numbered. The Ixo version is a CK-Modelcars exclusive. 


Spark model is the only one to have an individual number on each car, handwriting. Ixo model just gets “limited edition” inscription and a classic packaging. We also note that CK-Modelcars is also offering this Porsche 911 in a special gift box rather unique, but with absolutely the same model.  

Finally, for collectors that take care about, we note that the Spark model is screwed on a nice wood base while the Ixo version is screwed on a standard and very ordinary black plastic base.  

Winner: Spark 




From a collector point of view, Spark is clearly winning this Versus with a very accurate replica with a rather low production number individually numbered. Nonetheless, IXO wins the quality/price ratio, being understood that it is often the first criteria of many collectors. 

In a word, every collector can make its own choice according to their collection philosophy!